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Egg Sandwich Recipe

Cheese Pakora || Quick Recipe
June 21, 2021
Fluffy Pancakes Recipe
July 5, 2021

Healthy homemade sandwich

Preparation time- 5 mins

Cooking time- 10 mins

Serve- 3


  • Boiled Egg-3
  • Butter-6tsp
  • Bread Slices-12
  • Mustard Paste-4tbsp
  • Black pepper powder-3tsp


1. Boil the eggs. After cooling remove the shells and cut it into two halves.

2. Take a small bowl, add mustard paste, salt, black pepper powder and form a paste.

3. Take a slice of bread; spread the paste on it then put one half of a boiled egg. Top this with another slice of bread with butter spread.

4. Cut this sandwich into two halves and serve this delicious food.