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Orange Dessert

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August 5, 2021
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September 27, 2021

Delicious dessert recipe for every occasion

Preparation time- 10 mins

Cooking time- 15 mins

Serve- 4


  • Orange-3
  • Khoya -300gm (dried evaporated milk solids)
  • Sugar-300gm
  • Raisins-50gm
  • Cashew nuts-50gm


1. Peel the orange and remove seed from the orange.

2. Heat the pan; add khoya (dried evaporated milk solids), sugar and mix-up properly.

3. After mixture turns brownish in color add peeled oranges.

4. Mix up all the things properly.

5. After the mixture gets thick add cashew nuts and raisins; mix them up.

6. Take a plate, grease with clarified butter and pour the mixture on the plate.

7. Leave the mixture for few hours for settling.

8. After the mixture settles then cut it and serve.