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Mango Mint||Summer Drink Recipe

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July 15, 2019
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August 2, 2019

Green Refreshing Summer Cooler.

Preparation time- 10 mins

Serve- 2


  • Raw Mango-2
  • Mint Leaves-1/2 cup
  • Cumin Seeds-1tsp
  • Black Salt-1/4tsp
  • Honey-2tsp
  • Sliced Ginger-1tsp
  • Chaat Masala Powder-1tsp


1. Heat a pan. Toast the cumin seeds and grind it.

2. Roast the mangoes, discard the skin and extract the pulp.

3. Take a blender. Add the pulp of raw mango, mint leaves, sliced ginger, black salt, chat masala powder ,honey, ground cumin ,water, blend it and make a drink.

4. Pour this drink into the glass, top with ice cubes, mint leaves and raw mango slice.