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Mango Oats Ice Cream

Pomfret With Coconut Milk
March 1, 2020
Pineapple Curry Recipe
March 15, 2020

Get the best flavour and taste of coconut milk.

Preparation time- 15 mins

Freezing time- 4-5 hours

Serve- 6


  • Mango-3(pulp)
  • Almonds-4tsp
  • Dry Dates-4tsp
  • Oats-1/2cup
  • Milk-1cup
  • Whipping Cream-2cup
  • Pistachio-2tsp


1. Heat the pan, toast the oats and ground it.

2. Take a bowl ,add mango pulp, ground oats ,milk mix all the things properly.

3. Add dry dates, sliced almond ,whipping cream and mix it up.

4. Line a loaf pan with plastic and pour this mixture. Refrigerate it for 4-5hours.

5. After 5 hours ,unwrap and cut into slices and sprinkle some pistachio.