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Coin Omelette Recipe

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May 7, 2022
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May 30, 2022

Easy quick delicious snacks

Preparation time-10mins

Cooking time-10mins



  • Egg-4
  • Ginger paste-1tsp
  • Onion paste-2tbsp
  • Green chilli-2tsp(chopped)
  • Gram flour-3tsp
  • Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Chaat masala-1tsp


1. Take a bowl,break the egg shell and transfer it in the bowl, properly beat it.

2. Add onion paste,chopped green chilli,salt,ginger paste,gram flour,chaat masala.

3. Mix up all ingredients and beat it,now egg batter is ready to fry.

4. Heat the pan ,add cooking oil,take one spoon of egg batter and pour it in the pan like a small coin.Use all batter like this way.

5. Fry it on medium flame,when both side is fried take all fried coin omelette in the plate.

6. Sprinkle chaat masala on the coin omelette to taste.

7. Serve it with sauce.