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Red Quinoa Kheer Recipe

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May 16, 2022
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June 15, 2022

Healthy delicious Indian style dessert

Preparation time-15mins

Cooking time-40mins



  • Red quinoa-1cup
  • Milk-1.5 L
  • Green cardamom-4
  • Cinnamon stick-2
  • Cashew nuts-100gm
  • Raisins-100gm
  • Jaggery-1.5cup


1. Take red quinoa in a bowl,wash it properly with water.

2. Add extra water,keep it 7-8 hours for soaking.

3. After soaking drain the water and keep aside.

4. Heat milk in a sauce pan,add cinnamon stick,green cardamom.

5. When the milk is boiling add soaked red quinoa,mix well and cook on a low flame for 30-40mins.

6. When quinoa is cooked add jaggery and mix well,stir it occasionally.

7. Add raisins,cashew nuts,mix well,cook for few minutes.

8. Switch off the gas,pour this kheer in a bowl and garnish with dry fruits.

9. After cooling you can serve or if you want after cooling you can keep it in the refrigerator.