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Non Spicy Chicken Recipe

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September 12, 2022
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September 27, 2022

Healthy diet instant pot meal

Preparation time-10mins

Cooking time-25mins



  • Chicken-1 kg
  • Onion -500gm(chopped)
  • Ginger-100gm(chopped)
  • Black pepper-1tsp
  • Garlic-10 cloves(chopped)
  • Bay leaves-2
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt
  • Whole garam masala(cinnamon stick-1,cardamom-4,clove-4)


1. Heat the pan,add cooking oil, cinnamon stick,cardamom,clove,black pepper,bay leaves and stir them.

2. Add chopped ginger,chopped garlic cloves,stir it,add chopped onion.

3. Fry it properly,add salt,mix well and cover with lid.

4. After few minutes open the lid,stir it ,when onion gets brownish add chicken.

5. Stir all of them ,add salt ,mixup all with chicken properly.

6. Add lukewarm water,cover with lid and cook on low flame.

7. After few minutes open the lid ,if the chicken is cooked switch off the gas.

8. Serve healthy diet meal.