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Watermelon Mojito Recipe

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May 3, 2023
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May 10, 2023

Summer Freshen up Drinks

Preparation time-15mins

Total time-15mins



  • Watermelon-4 cups cubed shape
  • Lemon-4slices
  • Fresh Mint Leaves-6-8 leaves
  • Ice Cube-6
  • Soda Water-1/2 up


1. Cut the watermelon into two part,then scrape out the pulp very carefully, cut every part into small cubed pieces.

2. Take lemon,cut into small slices,remove all seeds.

3. Add cubed pieces of watermelon into a bowl and mash it properly,keep some cubed pieces for further use.

4. Add small slices of lemon,tear mint leaves and add in it .

5. Pour this mixture in a glass,add ice cube and soda water.

6. Then add watermelon pieces on the top of the drink,garnish with mint leaves.

7. Now watermelon mojito is ready.Enjoy this drink in hot summer.